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Nanchang University

Qingshanhu, Nanchang, P R China

Nanchang University

Located in Nanchang, the City of Hero, NCU consists of 4 campuses,which are Qian-Hu main campus, Qingshan-Hu, Dong-Hu and Poyang-Hu campuses. Among them, the Qianhu main campus has an area of more than 228 hectares and building area of 1.5 million square meters.

The history of NCU dates from Jiangxi Public Medical College and National Chung-cheng University, which were founded in 1921 and 1940 respectively. In 1993, Jiangxi University merged with Jiangxi Industrial University into Nanchang University, which created a precedent for the reform of the national higher education system. In 2005, NCU and Jiangxi Medical College merged to form the new NCU, unveiling a new page of reform and development. Over the years, leadership of Central Party Committee and Central Government, the Ministry of Education, Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have attached great important to the construction and development of NCU. “Nanchang University has unlimited prospects”, President XI Jinping said when he first visited NCU in October 2008. In February 2016, President Xi visited Nanchang University again and delivered an important speech on the roles of universities played in Scientific Research Innovation and Talents Cultivation. President Xi encouraged NCU to take a developing path of innovation and motivated the students to cherish time and let their dreams extend.

NCU attaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation. It has maintained stable exchanges and cooperative relationships with about 170 universities and research institutions in over 40 countries and regions. We have established the Sino-Canada Joint Laboratory of Food Science and Technology (Nanchang), the International Science and Technology Cooperation Base on Food Safety, the International Food Innovation Research Institute, the International Materials Innovation Research Institute, and the first Russian language center in Jiangxi Province with Russian partners. NCU has co-established 4 Confucius Institutes and 2 Confucius Classrooms respectively in France, Spain and Indonesia, and established a Chinese Language Research Center in Russia. With enlarging international cooperation and exchange, more than 4,000 students of NCU have joined international exchange programs to study overseas.

Nanchang University is located in the ancient city crowned “The City of Heroes”. It consists of five districts: QingShan Lake District, Qian Lake District, East Lake District, Poyan Lake District, and Fuzhou District which over a combined area of 8052 mu. It is the largest university campus area with a beautiful environment.

The total value of teaching instrument and equipment reaches 310 million Yuan, and the volume of books in the library exceeds 2,900,000. There are two national key laboratories, one project center directed by the Ministry of Education, one clinical pharmacology base at the national level and one branch center in Jiangxi province of the national research center for stem cell engineering and technology, and ten affiliated hospitals of various kinds. These equipments help students in advance experiments and research.

There are 2878 professional teachers, including 1471 professors and associate professors, 297 teachers with Doctorate, 1056 teachers with Master’s degree, 5 academicians in the Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Social Science, 2 especially employed “Changjiang scholars”, 5 first-level and second-level experts in National “Millions of the Talented” Project, 11 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contribution, and 223 staff enjoying special allowance supplied by the State Council and provincial government.

The Nanchang University, which is one of top institutes of medicine for studying MBBS in China, has an admirable record in medical research. In the past 5 years, it undertook over 1021 research projects, 32 of which were sponsored by National Funding, 239 by Provincial Funding and 29 were on the National Reward list.

There are also 180 professional books and 3500 papers published in academic journals.

Valuing highly the cooperation and academic exchanges with the outside world, the University has established and maintained friendly relations with its peers, hospitals and research institutions of Japan, the UK, the USA, and Canada. To date, there have been 28 visiting professors from abroad and over 1000 teaching and research staff working and studying in other countries.

– Application Form (no handwriting)
– Copy of Passport (valid for at least 12 months)
– Copy of the Highest Diploma
– Copy of Academic Transcripts
– Foreigner Physical Examination Form (within 6 months)
– No Criminal Record (within 6 months)
– Financial Statement (within 6 months)
– No Objection Letter and attendances(transfer students only)
– Two Recommendation Letters (postgraduate or PHD students only)
– Study Plan or Research Proposal (postgraduate or PHD students only)
– Valid HSK Certificate (if available)
– Photos (Please name the person’s photo with your passport number,2-inch color bareheaded photo on white background without border,at least 320×240 pixels,GPJ format.)

1. Applicants who are admitted to Nanchang University will receive the Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) and Admission Notice from Nanchang University .

2. Applicants who are admitted can apply for the student visa (X visa) from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country with the original copies of the Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) and the Admission Notice .

3. International students should come to Nanchang University with the original copies of the Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) and the Admission Notice to enroll, register and pay the tuition fee punctually according to the date stated on the Admission Notice.

Duration 6 Years
Course MBBS
Degree Conferred as (Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery
Enrollment: September Intake
Medium of Instruction Bilingual / English
Approved by WHO and IMED

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