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Ternopil National Medical University

A leading medical school in Ukraine, TNMU utilizes a traditional multi- disciplinary approach to higher education. The academic process adopts European and World qualification requirements for the specialists in the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing.

In 2017 TNMU was awarded international certificate of ISO 9001:2015 standard of Quality management systems. Today, the University employs more than 600 highly accomplished fessors and enrolls more than 6,000 full-time and distance students (over 0 domestic and about 2,000 international). The teaching is done in Ukrainian English. TSMU carries out training for 55 licensed and accredited specialties. 15 of e specialties are taught at the undergraduate level and 40 at the graduate level. TNMU clinical Departments are located in 18 affiliated regional and municipal medical institutions. Applicants with completed secondary education are invited to enroll in the following programs of study:

The University campus has seven academic buildings, including a large inter-departmental simulation training center where students can perfect their practical skills on medical manikins and in a simulated clinical setting. The students have the opportunity to train not only in Ukrainian clinics but also abroad, including in Poland and Turkey.

TNMU operates three teaching museums: the Department of Medical Biology, the Department of Human Anatomy, and the Department of Pathological Anatomy and Forensic Medicine.

Within the walls of the university, there is a Preparatory Department, where students from different countries of the world deepen their knowledge of chemistry, biology, physics, study Ukrainian language and culture.


  • The University is comprised of the following structural units: Faculty of Medicine; Faculty of Pharmacy; Faculty of Dentistry; International Students’ Faculty; Institute of Medical and Biological Problems; Institute of Modelling and Analysis of Pathological Processes; Institute of Morphology; Institute of Pharmacology, Medical Biochemistry and Hygiene; Institute of Nursing; and Institute of Postgraduate education.
  • 93% of university faculty have an academic degree; this is the highest number among all medical schools of Ukraine.
  • Most of the TNMU teachers give lectures and practical classes in English, 40 % of them have international certificates of English at the B2 level.
  • TNMU implements modern learning technologies: independent student testing, remote evaluation using Moodle e-learning platform, practical skills matrices, and objective, structured clinical exam.
  • TNMU is the leader among universities in Ukraine by the number of winners in student olympiads in educational disciplines.
  • The University initiated a double diploma program (Ukrainian and European) for students enrolled to the Institute of Nursing Bachelor and Master Degree programs.
  • TNMU operates a multi-disciplinary University Hospital; the university has launched an interdepartmental simulation training center; it supervises five teaching and practice centers of primary medical and sanitary care, and a Dentistry Clinic at the University Hospital.
  • TNMU faculty and staff work at its 57 academic and Clinical Departments. Among the faculty are a full member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences, two corresponding members of NAMS, and numerous recipients of National and Presidential prizes and awards of distinction in teaching and research.


1. Candidates wishing to apply to TNMU please send an email to the International Students Office at info@edumatchoverseas.com with:

  • copy of international passport;
  • copy of High (Secondary) School Certificate with transcript;
  • consent to processing of personal data;
  • preparatory course certificate (if available);
  • results of external independent testing (if available).

2. After receiving the document package we will send you detailed instructions. When you complete them, we will send you an official Invitation Letter for studying at TNMU to your correspondence address by a courier express mail. The Invitation Letter should be submitted to the Embassy of Ukraine in your country to receive a student visa.

3. After obtaining the student visa you must inform the International Students Office of TNMU about the exact date of your arrival to Ukraine and your flight number.

4. Upon your arrival at Ternopil National Medical University you should submit the Application Pack to the International Students Office; you will then be invited for an interview.

Application Package 

  • passport with a valid student visa;
  • high (secondary) school certificate with transcript (original and copy);
  • birth certificate (original and copy);
  • health certificate (valid within two months from the moment of issue);
  • HIV-negative test certificate (valid within two months from the moment of issue);
  • 12 photos.

5. The admission procedure will be completed after you sign an agreement with the University and pay your tuition fee for the 1st year of study.

Duration 6 years / 5 years
Course MBBS
Established 1957
Ranking Top 5 in Medical schools of Ukraine
TNMU was awarded International certificate of ISO 9001:2015 standard of Quality management systems.

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